MAJOR Signs on Qayamat!

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Signs of Qayamat
1. Before the day of Qiyamat, great events will take place and the people at the time will ask one another if Nabi (PBUH) has mentioned anything about them.
2. Thirty big liars will appear and the name of the last one will be Dajjal.
3. Until the advent of Hazrat Isa (AS) one Jamaat will continue to propogate Haqq (truth) to the Ummat.
4. This Jamaat will not be bothered by the objectors (Kuffars and Munafiqs).
Imam Mahdi
5. The last amir of this Jamaat will be Imam Mahdi.
6. Imam Mahdi will have an exemplary personality.
7. He will be a descendant of the Ahle Bait of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
8. Hazrat Isa (Jesus A.S) will descent while Imam Mahdi is still alive.
9. According to an Ayat of the Quran, this will be amongst the signs of the coming of Qayamat.
10. A Jamaat of Muslims that will comprise the people loved by Allah, will wage Jihad on India and be successfull in it. They will bring forth the defeated leaders in chains and locks in their necks.
11. At the time when this army will return from Jihad, they will find Hazrat Isa (A.S) in Syria.

Events Before the apperance of Dajjal (Anti-Christ)
12. On reaching Rumi, A'mak or Debiq from Madina, a Muslim army comprising the most upright, decent pious and respectable people of the time will be dispatched to wage Jihad. When the armies will be facing each other, the Romans will demand the return of their prisoners of war and the Muslims will not accede to their demand. Thereafter a war will ensue. In battle a third of the Muslims will retreat and their repentance will no be accepted by Allah. Another third will be Martyred and they will be the best of Martyrs. The remaining third will be victorious and Allah will project and save them from all types of fitna (trials) in the future.
13. These people will then conquer Palestine.
14. While they will be distributing poetry, a rumour will spread on the appearance of Dajjal. On hearing the rumour, the army will depart from there.

The Appearance of Dajjal
15. Dajjal will only appear when the Muslim army has reached Syria.
16. Before the actual appearance of Dajjal, rumours will be spread thrice, hence the people will be afraid.
17. At the time of the appearance of Dajjal, there will be very few pious, upright, decent and respectable people around and animosity will be rife among the people.
18. The will be very weak.
19. Ilm (knowledge) will be very weak.
20. There will be few Arabs at the time.
21. Most of the followers of Dajjal will be women and Jews.
22. The Jews will number 70,000, be armed with double edged swords and wear highly expensive Silk attire.
23. Dajjal will appear between Syria and Iraq.
24. He will make himself known at a place called “Yahoodia” in Isfahan, Iran.

Physical Features of Dajjal
25. He will be a youth resembling Abdul Uzza bin Qutm.
26. He will be wheat colored with curly (peppercorn) hair.
27. Both of his eyes will be defective.
28. His right eye will have a squint.
29. The left eye will have swelling pupil.
30. The left eye will have a swelling pupil.
31. The word “Kafir” will be written in Arabic on his forehead.
32. He will ride donkey whose two ears will be a distance of forty hands apart.(Guess what that could be, if you are smart)
33. His speed will be swift like the clouds and the wind.
34. With his speed, he will roam the whole world as if the earth is folded up for him.
35. He will spread every type of Fassad (mischief) on earth.
36. He will not be able to enter Makkah, Madina or Bait-ul-Muqaddas.
37. In that time there will be 7 doors in Madinah.
38. The angels will be patrolling each road in Makkah and Madinah and will not allow him to enter.
39. He will stop outside Madinah at the edge of the salty lands of Zarib Ahmar and Khundaq.
40. He will overwhelm (overpower) the people outside Madinah.
41. During that period there will be three earthquakes in Madinah that will destroy all the hypocrites (Munafikeen).
42. The hypocrites will be the helpers of Dajjal.
43. Women will be among the first to follow Dajjal.
44. Madinah will be rid of all hypocrites. The day this occurs will be called “The Day of Najataat”, “Day of Salvation”.
45. When the people will disturb him, he will retreat angrily.

The Fitna (Mischief) of Dajjal
46. The Fitna of Dajjal will be so severe that there will be no greater fitna in human history to compare it to.
47. This is the reason why every Nabi informed his Ummat about the fitna of Dajjal.
48. No other Nabi gave the details that Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) fave us.
49. Dajjal will first claim prophethood and thereafter godhood.
50. He will have with hima huge treasure (quantity) of food.
51. The hidden treasures of the eath will come out at his command and follow him.
52. He will heal (cure) the people who were born blind and the lepers.
53. Allah will send Satans with him who will talk to the people.
54. Consequently he will ask a villager. "If I bring back your parents alive, will you accept me as your God?" The village will accept his challenge. He will bring two Satans in front of the villager in the shape of his parents who will tell the villager, "son follow him, he is your Rabb".
55. ---
56. Whoever will testify him will become a Kafir and all his previous deeds will be null and void. Whoever will reject him, will have all his sins forgiven.
57. One major fitna will be that when one will accept Dajjal's word on his instructions, the clouds will provide rain on his land, the land will sprout vegetation, the cattle will be plump and their udders will be full of milk. Those who will not accept him, will earn his anger and their cattle will be destroyed.
58. In brief, all those who will not follow Dajjal, will be in great difficulty.
59. No person will be able to kill Dajjal beside Hazrat Isa (A.S).
60. In the form of rivers, valleys and fire, Dajlla will have a jamaat with him. In reality, the jamaat will be fire and the fire jamaat.
61. When a person will fall in it (fire), then his reward and blessings will be definite and his sins forgiven.
62. The person who will recite the first ten Ayats of Surah Kahf on Dajjal, will be saved to such and extent from his fitna that if Dajjal will put him in the fire, it will be cool for him.
63. Dajjal will cut into two a (Momin) youth with his sword or saw. Then he will call it, (with the order of Allah) he will become alive again.
64. Dajjal will ask him to state who is your Rabb. He will reply "My Rabb is Allah and you are Dajjal the enemy of Allah, I am today more certain than before on your "Dajjaliat" (Deception)".
65. Besides this person, Dajjal will not be given the ability of killing and bringing back to life anyone else.
66. Dajjal's fitna will be fourty days, from which the first day will be as long as a year, the second day will be equal to a month, the third day will be equal to a week and the balance of thirty seven days will be normal.
67. During this period, there will be three Muslim cities. One will be on the edge of two seas, the second "Hira" in Iraq and the thrid in Syria. He will defeat the people of the east and go to the City on the edge of the two seas.
68. The people of this city will be divided into three groups.
69. A groupd will remain and follow Dajjal and another will go aay into the village (wilderness).
70. A group will migrate to a neighbouring city and Dajjal will go there as well. Similarly, here too, the people will be divided into three groups, with the third group moving away to a neighbouring city to the west part of Syria.
71. All the momins will gather at Urdoon (Urdun a place in Syria) and Bait-ul-Muqaddas.
72. Dajjal will reach a place in Syria near Palestine where the gate of Ludd is.
73. Muslims will draw into a valley named "Aafiq" from where they will send for grazing their cattle which will be totally destroyed.
74. Eventually the Muslims will enclose themselves in one of the Mountains of Bait-ul-Muqaddas.
75. Whose (its) name is "Jabatul Dukhan" (Mount of Smoke), (Smoking Mountain).
76. Dajjal will encamp on the foot of the mountain and siege (surround) one Jamaat of the Muslims.
77. This siege will be severe.
78. Due to this, the Muslims will be in severe difficulty (will be engulfed in poverty and need).
79. To such an extent that some of them will burn their bow strips and eat them.
80. Dajjal will for the last time appear in the area of Urdoon (Urdun) in a valley called "Afiq" at a time when whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day will present there. He, (Dajjal) will kill a third of the Muslims, defeat a third and a third of the Muslims will remain.
81. (When the siege will be extended unduly) The Muslims Amir, (i.e Imam Mahdi) will say : "Now what are we waiting for , fight this arrogant Dajjal, so that you may obtain one thing, Martyrdom or victory. Thus all the Muslims will make a firm pledge and on the onset of the morn (after Fajr Salaat) they will wage war against Dajjal.

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